Sweet Miles

Those lips, those cheeks, that baby pudge!Yum!Big brother was deliciously adorable as well…

7 responses to “Sweet Miles

  1. Holly Redding Cooper

    okay…so i know these are my children, so i may be biased slightly…but they are gorgeous! thank you jess!

  2. oh my gosh- how beautiful- takes my breath away.

  3. celeste Lionett

    What a miracle! He is just perfect & and the star of the Redding Cooper household …Keep the pics coming.

  4. ok, so I guess I am a little biased also, but they are absolutely gorgeous! Ben looks all grown up. What wonderful pictures.

  5. What beautiful babies and perfect pictures!

  6. Just looked at the updated pictures and they are amazing. It is no wonder that such a wonderful family would have such wonderful pictures. Jess did an awesome job!

  7. My heart melts with these pictures!!! Yes beautiful babies but such talent from the artist!

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