Man, what a bad blogger I am!  I left for a visit to Virginia and haven’t quite caught up ever since.

For the sake of my sanity, here’s a quick re-cap of all the mini-shoots I did while there…

Hip Baby A in her BabyLegs2008-26-10-picparty-077fix

This little guy wasn’t too sure of me…  but curious nonetheless!2008-26-10-picparty-006bw

Had to win her over with a game of chase to get this cutie to smile…2008-26-10-picparty2-426fix

Her baby sister with the most amazing eyes…2008-26-10-picparty2-377bw

And their gorgeous big sister.  All of them with beautiful hair!2008-26-10-picparty2-403fix

Such a sweet peek-a-boo face!2008-26-10-picparty2-084bw

These next two worked me to the bone. I think I clocked a couple miles of playground just trying to keep up!  😉2008-26-10-picparty2-180fix

Little brother finally stopped to smirk at me.2008-26-10-picparty2-221bw

Cute kids down south, eh?!

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