Sneak Peek x 10

A HUGE *thank you* to all who came out for the whirlwind photoshoot weekend.  24 kids, 10 families and 3 days to fit them all in!  I’d say we did rather well.  😉

Kelly and her boys were sweet as pie, not to mention gorgeous…

When so many pairs of eyes can be looking in so many different directions, I’m always tickled when they’re all on me! Yay!

Picture perfect family!  I can hardly stand those sweet faced boys… don’t even get me started on their names. 😉

These three were just delicious.   I don’t think I’ve ever met a more cooperative 3 year old before.  🙂

Perfectly unposed.  They did this themselves…

Love these beauties!  Could they be any more coordinated!?

Clearly Jocelyn was at work behind the camera on this one!

Guess who’s the scene stealer here!?  I absolutely adored all three kids…

She totally rocked her Mini Boden outfit. What a ham!  (And not one ounce of grump! ;))

Something tells me Jocelyn was behind this one too, no? 😉

Thanks again and I’ll be in touch when your galleries are ready!!

One response to “Sneak Peek x 10

  1. these are really awesome photos Jess. You were so patient and professional. thanks for your hard work to make memories for our families.

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