Williamsburg Whirlwind, Take 2

Lucky me snuck in another visit to Virginia. Two times in 3 months.  Unheard of!  And lucky me got to photograph four repeat families (always love that) and 2 new ones.  A nice mix, I’d say.

This family was super nice.  I’ve never seen a dad work so hard to help corral and cajole the little people.  😉  Next time, he’ll have a third (another boy!) on his hands to juggle.

Loved these guys two years ago and loved them again.  Can’t even stand the cuteness…

And I would be remiss to not post an out-take of theirs…
Gotta love it!

This peanut was just too much.  Get a load of those Toms!

Full circle story here… A co-worker of the mom saw the pics I did for them 2 years ago and wondered if I did weddings as she is getting married in Vermont next May and lucky me (again) will be their photographer!  Now that’s a referral!

This was one of my favs from their session once upon a time…
Love, love, love.

Three years ago, this little dude was just a wee babe and got his elbow dislocated after I suggested to his parents to swing him by his arms.  Needless to say I have never suggested that again.  He didn’t hold it against me though.  Extra sweet, this one was.

If I know dogs, and I think I do, I’d say this pup is smiling, too.  He’s just happy no harm came to the boy this time around.

A sunset, green ottoman, three gorgeous girls and awesome parents.  What more could you ask for? (Well, besides NOT stumbling upon a patch of velcro, spiked, prickly balls that we discovered right behind us in a most unfortunate manner. OUCH!!)

Till next time, Williamsburg!

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