The Session

Sessions typically last 1 hour (more if there is a newborn involved).  We can meet at your home or another location of your choice.    One to two weeks later, your online gallery with approximately 12-15 images will be ready to view and order from.  Easy as pie!

The Clothes

Newborns are best photographed in their birthday suits.  I have several props (and tricks!) to use to get the coziest positions.  Keep any clothing simple and let your baby command the focus of the portrait! Less is definitely more.  Cute hats, colorful blankets or a meaningful “lovey” can really help make a photo your own.

Family clothing should reflect what you wear in real life.  If you don’t normally walk around wearing matching tops and khaki pants, it’s a good sign you shouldn’t wear it for your shoot!   Don’t be afraid of color, play with textures and patterns… let your style, and that of your kids, shine through!

A clothing “Do”:

Highschool seniors and couples are encouraged to bring multiple clothes changes.  Using a variety of locations, we can drastically change the mood of a shot with a quick outfit change.

The Shoot

My goal is for everyone to feel comfortable and relax so that your pictures will reflect your life, your love and your connection with one another. As awkward as you might feel at first, the more you interact with each other, the more natural your photos will turn out!  Yes- we will try our darndest to get the coveted family shot where all eyes and smiles are on me but you will be surprised how much you’ll love the ones where dad happens to be looking at mom, one child is laughing at the sky and another in mid-jump.

Let’s get started!